Like every major metropolitan center across the globe, our Downtown community was confronted with the challenges and uncertainties that accompanied the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent impacts on our public health and private businesses. As we move forward as a community, we are not only maintaining an optimistic outlook but are implementing a proactive approach in sustaining the future growth and continued success of Downtown Dallas. With enhanced sanitation measures, organized Safety Patrol and Clean Team efforts, plus new innovations in everything from building protocols to touchless ticketing in commuter travel, Downtown Dallas is on track to becoming one of the world’s most fully adaptive urban areas for progress amidst the pandemic.

Staying Connected

Downtown Dallas features the latest 5G and fiber optics connectivity to ensure optimal distanced learning and networking opportunities.

Keeping Clean

Leveraging DDI’s Safety Patrol and Clean Team plus the implementation of homeless outreach, Downtown maintains an exceptionally high level of safety and sanitation.

Safer Travels

DART features state-of-the-art touchless ticketing to ensure safety at each touchpoint.

Adapting Environments

Many Downtown buildings are adapting with measures such as contactless elevators and socially distanced lobby protocols for increased safety.

Maintaining Communication

Downtown utilizes a unique network of safety volunteers, law enforcement, and sanitation workers to ensure transparency, safety, and sanitation within Downtown.


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