Home to 10 of the region’s 50 largest public companies and 10 of the top 50 private companies, Downtown Dallas is an ecosystem of entrepreneurs and business leaders. Downtown Dallas is the home to AT&T's world headquarters and the AT&T Discovery District, a destination where tech, culture, and entertainment combine to create unique experiences. Dallas is the 9th fastest growing tech center in the nation, possesses the 6th largest tech talent pool, and provides opportunity with the 7th most tech jobs in the nation.


DFW is the #3 city for Tech jobs in the US according to CompTia

Dallas is 8th in Nation for Network Speed (

Dallas is #1 in Tech Jobs in the State (DRC)

DFW is #5 in Tech Jobs in the Country (DRC)

17M Tech Jobs in DFW

With the convergence of over 70 fiber data carriers at two locations, Downtown is consistently within the top three national markets for fiber connectivity.

Dallas has a top 10 digital infrastructure and environment among global metros. (fDi Intelligence)

Dallas ranks 3rd in the 2022 Tech Town index (CompTIA)

10.5% expected tech job growth over the next 5 years (CompTIA)

156,358 IT job postings in 2021 (CompTIA)

Highest concentration of white collar jobs in the region (DRC)

Downtown Dallas features the latest 5G and fiber optics connectivity to ensure optimal distanced learning and networking opportunities, with 6G quickly on its way.

Future Mobility

As a leader in innovation, Downtown Dallas is cultivating the future of mobility with advances in transportation technology that will not only shape the way we travel in Texas, but also the way the world travels.

Texas High Speed Rail

Dallas is leading all domestic metros in the development of the first truly high-speed rail in the U.S. Texas Central Partners is building a 186-mph Dallas-Houston train line that will cut the current commute time from three to four hours by car to only 90 minutes. This project will spur multi-modal rail-station development and is predicted to boost transit ridership, car-sharing, and other transportation opportunities in both metros.

Communication at Every Level

The smartest cities understand that communication is key, especially as global concerns mount over the current state of safety, law enforcement, and big city sanitation. This why Downtown Dallas is working at every level from our police force to field operations and local business leadership to ensure absolute transparency in efforts to keep our city safe, clean, and moving fast ahead.

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